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The restaurant

Whether for business or private - Lukas Ziesel knows how to enjoy life.

Beneath the fresh-ironed, snow-white chef's jacket you can see a colorful tattooed arm which is about to fillet a freshly caught char with one precise cut. Whenever Lukas Ziesel starts cooking in his kitchen, he is in his element. That’s something you don’t just see, but you can taste as well.

After having worked as a chef at some of the world's best restaurants, the time had finally come to fulfill his dream of having his own restaurant together with his friend. A restaurant where people come together to enjoy good company and savor local delicacies. A restaurant where you might overindulge – but always go home with a good feeling and a smile on your face.

Völlerei Saalfelden Restaurant & Bar - Harald Salzmann Cocktail
Best quality

Local. Personal. Authentic.

We choose products from our region whenever possible. Not only because local products guarantee the best quality, but simply because we prefer a personal relationship with our suppliers. By choosing local suppliers, we can always visit them directly, verify their products’ quality by ourselves, and also get inspiration for new dishes. Not only does this give us the good feeling of knowing exactly where our products come from, it also ensures superior taste.

Völlerei Restaurant Saalfelden - Vorspeise
Völlerei Restaurant Saalfelden - Hauptspeise
Völlerei Restaurant Saalfelden - Vorspeise gefüllte Zwiebel
How to sin „à la carte“

Seasonal dishes from „Völlerei“

We might have mentioned it before, but we love to use use local ingredients. One reason is of course the incomparable good taste, another advantage is that you are always inspired to create new recipes. Due to seasonal changes in what our producers can provide us with we are constantly challenged to come up with new menus. That’s not only fun for us, but also offers our guests a varied, culinary selection.

Our special highlight:

„Völlerei“ menu

The best way to experience what „gluttony" means to us, is to order our „Völlerei“ menu. The special thing about it is, that you do not order it individually but for the entire table so that people have to share their food just like in the good old days.

And this is how it works: The entire table is fully covered with a variety of appetizers for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Discover and discuss new flavors and enjoy your time with your family and friends. Just like the starter – we also serve the main menu for the entire table and whoever still has room for dessert, can indulge in a fully-covered table of Austrian sweet temptations: full of joy and free of guilt.

Völlerei Saalfelden Restaurant & Bar - Weinglas
You can’t buy happiness but you can buy wine:

First-class wines from Europe's best wine regions

Gluttony without wine is like winter without snow. That’s why we explored some of Europe's finest wine regions and curated a delightful selection of first-class wines for our guests. From light and classically elegant to noble and full-bodied – our wines perfectly complete your culinary journey at „Völlerei“. And for those who can not decide which wine they should order, they can simply ask our sommelier for advice.

An old masonry with a new flair:

Discover the unique atmosphere of „Völlerei“

„Völlerei“ is located at the old Hotel Hindenburg built in 1492. Thanks to the combination of the old sandstone-vaults and its contemporary design the restaurant has a very unique charm. Our guests can make themselves comfortable in the parlour with its monumental chandelier and elaborately decorated stucco. For a more exclusive experience we invite our guests to take a seat and enjoy their gluttony at our VIP Chefs-table. If you visit us during summer u can enjoy our dishes and drinks in our garden which is surrounded by old chestnut trees and decorated with impressive boulders from our famous mountain range „Steinernen Meer“.

Perfect location for events

The ideal place for unforgettable parties in the Pinzgau region.

Are you planning a big party and still haven’t found the right restaurant? Don’t look any further because with us you get two for the price of one – our „Völlerei“ restaurant and bar. Our beautiful garden could be the perfect location for your next summer festival, and the quaint parlor offers an idyllic atmosphere for a cozy family party. Whether you are organising a wedding for hundred people, or a birthday party for ten we will make sure that your party will be unforgettable.

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