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The bar:

Our bartender, Harald Salzmann, turns cocktails into a piece of art

Whenever Harald Salzmann enters his grand cocktail bar and carefully ties his heavy, leather apron, it somehow feels as if an artist is entering the stage. And when you see him setting a cocktail on fire in front of the guests, you will realize this is how mastery looks like.

Trained in the most prestigious bars in Spain, Austria and Shanghai, Harry is one of Austria’s best bartenders. He also worked in one of China’s most famous bars called "Nest" when it received its "Bar of the Year” award. If that’s not convincing enough, we recommend first-hand experiences in our bar.

Völlerei Saalfelden Restaurant & Bar - Sirupflasche
Sweet temptations:

Our Völlerei-cocktails with homemade syrup

For our cocktails we don’t just use first-class spirits, but also fine herbs and delicious syrups. And like with our dishes – we only want to serve our clients the very best quality there is. This means that we produce our quince, pine or white peach syrup by ourselves and we grow most of our herbs in our personal rooftop garden.

Völlerei Saalfelden Restaurant & Bar - Harald Salzmann Cocktail
Cheers to that:

According to Austria’s top gourmet journal Falstaff we have one of the best bars in Salzburg.

Everyone can mix cocktails. But Harry’s cocktails, eloquently called "Coco Django", "Birds of Hermes", "Citrus Smack" and "The Nest”, redefine the experience. Every move is perfectly trained and impresses our guests when our bartender shakes, stirs, mixes and fires up their signature drinks at our bar. "Black Pepper", "Chili infused Vodka" or "Lavender and Earl Grey Tea Syrup" are just the beginning of all those ingredients that you can find on our 30-page bar menu – waiting to be discovered by our guests.

Before or after the meal:

Make yourself comfortable in our „Völlerei“ bar

The light is dimmed, lively conversations around tables and you are accompanied by a pleasant, jazzy lounge music. Every now and then you can hear a soft clinking when guests raise toasts to celebrate. Whenever our guests sit down on our heavy lounge chairs at the „Völlerei“ bar and immerse into the cosy atmosphere they soon realize that this is a place that makes you feel more than comfortable.